Our Vision of Care

Our vision is to provide young people with a unique, high level provision of care which embraces opportunity led life space interventions with the aim of:


              - building positive relationships to support young people in making sense                 of past experiences

              - boosting confidence and self-esteem and enabling young people to                       recognise and work towards their full potential.

Our Mission Statement

Horizons Residential Care will provide a nurturing and safe environment for young people - who will be respected and treated as individuals.


The care staff will encourage and support each young person to achieve their potential, working together with the young person’s family members (where possible) and supporting agencies to achieve this.


The care staff will uphold and promote the rights and views of the young people.


The care staff will provide a positive living experience which meets the requirements of the National Care Standards and which is independently inspected by the Care Inspectorate.


Horizons will provide a safe place where young people have an opportunity to make positive changes, achieve their potential in life and find their place in the community.


How will this be achieved?


  • Via contribution towards the development of individual care plans
  • By treating each young person as an individual
  • Through the provision of care and support to the young person
  • Enabling young people to exercise their rights at all times
  • Helping, where appropriate to maintain contact between the young person, their family and other significant people
  • By offering opportunities and experiences to young people 



 Horizons have successfully developed service provision to a sustained high standard.  This can be evidenced within our Care Inspectorate Reports.


The continued commitment, enthusiasm and professionalism from our House Teams have led to many successful outcomes for our young people and their families both past and present. 


Our thanks and recognition go to the professionals that we are currently engaged with and those that we’ve had the opportunity to work with since opening.  We have and will continue to strive to ensure that our service provision exceeds their expectations and remains dynamic to meet the needs of the young people we care for.

Head Office


Horizons Residential Care Ltd

Hillview House
28 Drum Brae South


EH12 8SS


0131 283 9874

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