Thoughts From Our Team 

"My previous experiences in working secure care, I knew that working with young people in need, out with parental control and those that require intensive care I realised that it wasn’t just an interest but a career path that is best suited to my personality and my attitude towards child protection.”



"Horizons care offered me the best opportunity to work with young people in need of intensive care in a safe wholesome environment that promotes a positive wellbeing."  (SM)



"Working at Horizons I feel valued and empowered to take the initiative and give my opinion about the support we provide for children and young people. Young people's needs are our first priority and their views are listened to and acted upon. Having a one to one staffing ratio allows care workers to work closely with the young person and makes opportunity led interventions possible."  (SPR)



"A big thanks to Horizon Care for giving me the opportunity to play a key role in supporting vulnerable children within the safe therapeutic environment the service offers."



"I feel honoured being part of the multi skilled team that offers a wide range of knowledge and depth of experience nurturing and empowering children / young people to attain goals, aiding them to be all they can be and achieving their full potential."  (CM)



"There is no greater reward than gaining a child’s trust and acceptance to support their needs and development when working within this challenging role.”



“Horizon Care has adopted a rare approach allowing me as Carer to be able to give each service user the one to one support they rightly deserve.”



“Horizons has set a bench mark to allow each child to build resilience due to the close support, enabling them to make decisions and positive changes in their life for personal development, creating independence for a sustained brighter future. "  (JD)



“As cook / housekeeper I am aware that a nutritional balanced diet will provide the children with a good basis to help sustain their development.  Being part of a dedicated team, I have helped create a welcoming and homely environment that fosters a sense of warmth and security.”  (KK)


 Horizons have successfully developed service provision to a sustained high standard.  This can be evidenced within our Care Inspectorate Reports.


The continued commitment, enthusiasm and professionalism from our House Teams have led to many successful outcomes for our young people and their families both past and present. 


Our thanks and recognition go to the professionals that we are currently engaged with and those that we’ve had the opportunity to work with since opening.  We have and will continue to strive to ensure that our service provision exceeds their expectations and remains dynamic to meet the needs of the young people we care for.

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